Description Edit

A Heckler & Koch (H&K) upgraded L85 IW Rifle, it's a member of the British SA80 family and standard issue of the British Armed Forces (BAF) since 1987.

Often comes equipped with the basic LLM01 light laser module, along with the ability to mount the L123A2, a grenade launcher from Heckler & Koch.

Has three types of magazines, two steel and the recent plastic EMAG from Magpul industries. The original L85 IW only had access to one magazine made out of aluminium, which was easily damaged.

Traditionally, it is used with a SUSAT (Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux) optical sight. The SUSAT optical sight is unlocked in-game with a skill level of three with this weapon.

Upgrades Edit

Modifications Cost
Extended Mag ?
SUSAT Optics ?
Front Grip ?

Trivia Edit

The name reads like this:

  • L for Number, like Number 85
  • A for Mark or upgrade, like Upgrade 2
  • So it comes out L85A2

The SA80 family consists of four main variants:

  • The L85 IW Rifle (which is the base of this weapon).
  • The L86 Light Support Weapon, a magazine fed light machine gun.
  • The L22 Carbine, a one of three successful attempts to make carbine version of the L85 IW Rifle.
  • The now obsolete L98 Cadet General Purpose Rifle, which replaced the Lee-Enfield.